Vote to promote Russell Keith-Magee

I am nominating Russell Keith-Magee (@freakboy3742, freakboy3742 (Russell Keith-Magee) · GitHub) as a core developer.

Russell is well-known for his many contributions to various Python communities. More recently, Russell has been responsible for the addition of support for the Apple iOS platform to CPython for the 3.13 release. He put together a detailed plan as PEP 730 (Discuss thread PEP 730: Adding iOS as a supported platform) to take the externally-maintained iOS support patches that he has developed and maintained for many years as the leader of the BeeWare project and standardized them as an official Tier 3 platform following the PEP 11 platform process. Russell did an excellent job outlining and managing both the technical aspects of the project (the details of the impact on the CPython code base) as well as the administrative aspects, such as lining up external resources for required buildbots.

In recent years, Russell has contributed over 20 PRs that have been merged into CPython, most related to iOS support. Russell did an excellent job of structuring the series of iOS support PRs to best accomodate CPython project workflow, encouraging review by area experts, responding promptly to review comments, and adopting creative solutions to many of the constraints imposed by deploying on a mobile environment and iOS, in particular.

Russell has been an active participant at recent Language Summits and at the 2023 Core Developer Sprint in Brno. He also accepted the triager role in 2023 as part of the iOS support project. Moving forward, Russell and I have already had discussions about future work to improve CPython support across macOS, iOS/iPadOS, and potentially other Apple platforms. We are looking forward to expand the discussion around those ideas and turn them into actionable plans.

Russell has clearly demonstrated that he has both the technical expertise and people skills to make further significant and sustained contributions to CPython. As the primary core team sponsor of Russell’s PEP 730 work, I was immensely impressed with Russell deep technical expertise in iOS and macOS platforms as well as many aspects of CPython and with how he planned and executed the entire project. He was a pleasure to work with and I am looking forward to continued future collaboration as a fellow core developer. Of all the current team members who have worked with him so far, I have only heard good things about him.

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I’ll note that prior to Russell’s work on CPython, he was one of the primary maintainers of Django for many years.


Thanks to the 35 committers who voted in the poll. The poll has now closed and the results were unanimously positive. I have written to the Steering Council to ask for their final approval and to take the remaining steps. Congratulations, @freakboy3742!


As per the rules set out in PEP 13, the Steering Council does not veto Russell’s promotion to the core developer team, and has thus satisfied the requirements for promotion. Congratulations @freakboy3742!

@barry (on behalf of the Steering Council)


Welcome on board, @freakboy3742! I provided you with the required privileges.