Vote to promote Shantanu

I am nominating Shantanu (@hauntsaninja; GitHub hauntsaninja (Shantanu) · GitHub) as a new core developer. He is a former coworker of mine, and he reached out to me years ago to learn more about doing open-source work. He quickly became active in the typing community, and he has done lots of valuable work on projects like mypy, typeshed, and typed-ast, all of which he now co-maintains.

He has 66 merged PRs on CPython (Pull requests · python/cpython · GitHub), covering many areas including the parser, documentation improvements, and refleak fixes. He also wrote PEP 680, which added tomllib to 3.11. His contributions here on Discuss and on the issue tracker (Issues · python/cpython · GitHub) are always helpful. He became a CPython triager last April during PyCon (Request for Python Triage membership: @hauntsaninja · Issue #443 · python/core-workflow · GitHub).

I am very thankful for Shantanu’s amazing contributions to the Python community and I am confident he will make a great addition to the core team. I will continue to mentor him after promotion.

  • Promote Shantanu
  • Don’t promote Shantanu

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With 100% of 22 votes in favor, the vote passed! Congratulations @hauntsaninja!

I contacted the SC for the next steps.


I’m really grateful for this community, for the trust that this represents, and for Jelle’s mentorship. If you have any feedback, questions, or just want to chat, I’m hauntsaninja at gmail :slight_smile: You can also leave me anonymous feedback at