Vote to promote Tian Gao

Mark Shannon and I would like to promote Tian Gao (@gaogaotiantian on GitHub) to the core development team. He is a skilled programmer, triager, and reviewer with a talent for reasoning about tricky issues involving tracing, profiling, debugging, and the low-level details of CPython’s complex internals.

Since becoming active in the project last February, Tian has personally authored over 170 issues and pull requests. He’s become the de facto maintainer of pdb and other related areas of the codebase, working through the backlog of open issues and improving Python’s powerful debugging experience in a variety of ways.

During that same time period, Tian has also been involved in almost 300 additional issues and pull requests created by others. Besides fixing and closing issues dating back to 2007(!), Tian is great at offering prompt yet thoughtful issue responses and PR reviews, both inside and outside his focus areas. We encourage you to click the link and choose a few issues at random; he has a real knack for quickly getting to the root of people’s problems, and guiding discussions forward in a patient and constructive way.

In addition to arguably knowing more about the implementation of PEP 669 than its own author, Tian recently implemented and co-authored PEP 667 for Python 3.13. This was a challenging project with a tight deadline, and he delivered… while also managing to fix a bunch of other things, including ten-year-old scoping issues in pdb, the same week.

Many of you had the opportunity to meet Tian last week at PyCon US, where he led a Language Summit discussion on the future of pdb and gave a separate talk about debuggers. He’s a great guy, and we both trust him to continue improving CPython for years to come.

  • Promote Tian
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Big +1, Good communication skills with good engineering skills.


I worked with Tian on the resolution of PEP 667, and was under the mistaken impression that he’d already been promoted during one of the periods where I wasn’t closely following CPython development. Definite +1 from me!


Congratulations @gaogaotiantian, and thank you to everyone who voted! I’m currently drafting an email to the steering council requesting their approval of the results.

As was done with my own promotion, I will continue to mentor Tian for next month or so to ensure a smooth transition into his new responsibilities, and request that he ask me before merging anything until he is used to the process. Since no negative feedback was provided on this thread, I’d really appreciate it if the two “no” votes reached out to either me or Tian directly so we can better understand and address your concerns.


I am happy to report that as per the rules set out in PEP 13 , the Steering Council does not veto Tian’s promotion to the core developer team, and has thus satisfied the requirements for promotion. Congratulations @gaogaotiantian! :tada:

@pablogsal, on behalf of the Steering Council.


Welcome on board, @gaogaotiantian! I provided you with the required privileges.


Thank you all. It’s an honor to join the team.