`wasm32-emscripten` and `wasm32-wasi` have been promoted to tier 3 platforms for CPython

What this effectively means is people can’t rip out WebAssembly support from CPython.

The hope is we can hit tier 2 in October, which would mean WebAssembly support will block releases if it’s broken. Since it would be the first platform promoted to tier 2 since the tiers were introduced, I don’t know what will exactly be required beyond the WebAssembly buildbot saying up and stable along with supporting WebAssembly not being a massive burden. My suspicion is any other requirements will simply be due to trailblazing such a promotion and not specific WebAssembly.


Further down that same PEP 11 page is a pleasurable (mostly!) stroll down memory lane. So, thanks for that, also.


The configure script and buildbots have been updated to report both new platforms as tier 3 platforms.

checking for PEP 11 support tier... wasm32-unknown-wasi/clang has tier 3
checking for PEP 11 support tier... wasm32-unknown-emscripten/clang has tier 3