Ways to prevent widgets from hiding when the window is downsized

What are the ways to prevent widgets from hiding behind downsized master? If I set the master to a certain size using geometry() method and then I apply weight on columns using grid() manager, they tend to hold the size of the default geometry and don’t downsize.

I found I may prevent the master from being downsized by master.minsize(), but this is not exactly what I want.

If you’re using the tkinter framework: what do, is to have the main app window none re-sizeable. That way, any widgets can be constructed and positioned in any way that you choose, with no danger of being messed up by a window re-size.

I also use a ‘designer app’ for all but simple GUIs, but that’s maybe not for this thread.

Well, what exactly should happen instead, if the master is made so small, that there is not enough room to show all the widgets?