Web interface program table editing

Hi, i’d like to create an app with web interface using python eel. In this app there will be a table:


Element limit margin status
As 0.03 ppm low ok
Pb 0.03 ppm low ok
Hg 0.03 ppm low ok
Fe 0.03 ppm low ok
Cd 0.03 ppm low ok
Sn 0.03 ppm low ok



I want the user to enter data into the inputs and then by clicking on the add button, a new row in the table is added.

And below is the Remove button, when pressed, it deletes the line that is entered in the input rem. One can entered 3 the third line is deleted. All changes that user has done are being saved and if you open the app again you can see the changes.

Has anyone an idea how to make it?Preformatted text