Web scraping directly into a SQL table


First post so be gentle.

I am new to Python but I’ve been told it’s perfect for the task I have to complete.

I need to get the data from HERE and load it directly into a SQL database.

Is this even remotely possible?

Thank you for reading.


of course, it is possible. Python is a general-purpose language. Be aware that this may not be easy for a beginner. You should learn basics of Python, a little bit about HTTP and SQL for this.

The data are available through API in addition there is an URL for downloading them in JSON format: https://opendata.camden.gov.uk/api/views/77ra-mbbn/rows.json?accessType=DOWNLOAD

If the JSON download is reliable it could be the simplest way for your use-case. For the download you can use requests library.

Then you can load the data to Python data structures using the json module.

Python is able to work with many common SQL databases.