Weird glitch after trying to open xlsx in the project

So, going through the Beginners course for Python trying to automate excel spreadsheet,
I right click on the Hello world project folder, go to open in > Finder > select the transactions xlsx > open > … nothing. Nothing shows up in the projects menu.

Even weirder is that when i go to click away from Python like to Chrome, it just forces me back to Python like theres something active in Python that it wants me to interact with, but theres nothing there.

Have a screen recording. wtf python glitch - YouTube

Just to make sure it’s clear: you are talking about an issue with the PyCharm IDE, which is not itself “Python”. It is a program that you can use to write Python code. Python itself is just a program that runs the code. It’s important to understand your tools before figuring out what’s wrong with them.

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Copy that! So Pycharm is more like"3rd party"? Is there a “1st Party” Python?

And then, uh… how do i fix this :sweat_smile:

No, PyCharm is not any kind of Python at all. Just like how Photoshop is not an image file format.

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Sorry, absolute n00b here. Even that is very helpful!