Wfdb annotations not showing on plot

Thanks in advance for your support.

I am running the following code on Anaconda. I am getting the plot, but am not getting the annotations.

I downloaded both the 104.dat and 104.atr.

Could you help me please resolve the problem and get the annotations on the plot?

Attached is the plot.

Thanks a lot

import wfdb

record = wfdb.rdsamp(‘mit-bih-arrhythmia-database-1.0.0/104’, sampto=3000)

annotation = wfdb.rdann(‘mit-bih-arrhythmia-database-1.0.0/104’, ‘atr’, sampto=3000)

wfdb.plotrec(record, annotation = annotation, title=‘Record 100 from MIT-BIH Arrhythmia Database’, timeunits = ‘seconds’)

Hello, sincerely medical physics is not my speciality. But I found a case related with your problem:

Hope this help.