What does r’ define in file path


While providing file path in Python, I use code in below manner
wbkName = r’\AA\AA\AA\AA\Python Chart Data.xlsx’

If I do not give r’ in my code it gives me bug. I have copied this line from somewhere and edited to suit my requirement.

Can anyone please explain me what does r’ stands for.

The documentation does a good job:


If you see a quoted string preceded by a letter, this is a string that has different properties. An ‘r’ preceding a string denotes a raw, (almost) un-escaped string. The escape character is backslash, that is why a normal string will not work as a Windows path string.

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The tutorial on strings also covers this: https://docs.python.org/3/tutorial/introduction.html#strings

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The r prefix on strings stands for “raw strings”.

Standard strings use backslash for escape characters:

  • “\n” is a newline, not backslash-n

  • “\t” is a tab, not backslash-t

  • “\u03C0” is the Greek letter pi, π, not backslash-u-zero-three-c-zero

and so forth. If you want to use backslashes in Windows pathnames, you

need to escape them by doubling:

wbkName = '\\AA\\chart.xlsx'

Alternatively, you can use raw strings, which switches off almost all

of the escape character processing:

wbkName = r'\AA\chart.xlsx'

or finally, and this is generally the recommended way, you can just use

forward slashes, since Windows will accept them as well:

wbkName = '/AA/chart.xlsx'
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