What if PR tests fail because of blurb-generated news file?

A test failed for my first CPython pull request [1] because of a missing entry in Misc/NEWS.d/next. So I learned the hard way about news files and blurb [2]. Using the GitHub blurb app, I created a news file. Now two tests are failing.

python3 tools/rstlint.py ../Misc/NEWS.d/next/
[2] ../Misc/NEWS.d/next/Documentation/2021-04-14-19-24-39.bpo-43848.gjIRIY.rst:1: default role used
1 problem with severity 2 found.
Makefile:204: recipe for target 'check' failed

I am clueless. How to proceed?

[1] bpo-43848: explain optional argument mtime in gzip.py. by jwuttke · Pull Request #25410 · python/cpython · GitHub
[2] Sect. 3 (Lifecycle of a Pull Request) does not mention Misc/NEWS.d/next and blurb · Issue #674 · python/devguide · GitHub

Use double backticks instead of single:

`monospaced` => ``monospaced``

I suggest you read section 7 of the dev guide, to get to know reST/Sphinx: