What is initialization in python?

The concept of initialization doesn’t even technically exist, or at least the way initialization is described for static typed languages like C++. Source: "Initializing" variables in python? - Stack Overflow

It’ all assignment but I find people do use colloquially initialization to mean first assignment. For example, in the book Automate the boring stuff with python 2nd edition
“A variable is initialized (or created) the first time a value is stored in it”

So this is definitely initialization (colloquially)

someNumber = 2

What about this?
Do you consider the second line to be initialization?

someNumber = None
someNumber = 2 # Initialization?
someNumber = 2 // Initialization?

It’s moot. If the second line is the first assignment, then the previous is a NameError.

That’s JS or C++ comment syntax too, not Python.

Sorry, it’s fixed to python code now.