What is the proper name of 'time' when we just writing code?

I am writing a document about metaclass and how python init a class .
When I try to explain how python works , I have to compare the difference between ‘plain text code’ and ‘runtime’, because I can change what the 'plain text code ’ defined in ‘runtime’ like change all attrs to upper case.
So, the question is if there is a proper name of ‘plain text code’ like whatever ‘time’?

Typically, we say “at compile time”, meaning the time that the Python compiler reads and makes sense of the code. (Python is compiled, just as much as Java or C# is; it just also offers an “interpreter” environment that works by compiling and executing a statement at a time.)

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Yes, Python has is compile time.
It get compiled first time “visited” (I don’nt know how to say that in English, perhaps “defined at runtime?”)

I want to know if their is proper name for “before compile”, since I want to say metaclass is working at compile time.