What libraries or methods should I learn for doing prediction using Excel data

I have and Excel workbook with me. The file consists 6 months of ticket details. Everyday users log their requests for the issues they faced. We download this data from the tool in Excel format. Data has three columns, Issue category, ticket category, date and time.

For example, we can have 100 different tickets for 5th March, 110 for 6th and 90 for 7th. So total number of records for these three days will be 300. (300 Excel rows).

We are getting Standard Deviation and Variance for this data using Excel. However how can I leverage Python to get prediction for next month using this data. I am new to Python. Just started learning. Can anyone please guide me about what libraries or tools I should learn to get the prediction. Thanks.

The pandas module is often used to read excel files. To make predictions you can use the sklearn module.


Hi @Paul , thanks a lot for the help. Have a nice day ahead. :slight_smile:

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