What the heck is a caret?

Hi, brand new beginner here. I see references to carets here and there, and I’m baffled. One meaning seems to be the XOR bit-wise operator, OK, I get that. But another seems to have something to do with editing capabilities, maybe around multiple cursors

In the context of programming, the word caret usually refers to the character ^.

In Python, this is the bitwise XOR operator:

>>> bin(0b1111 ^ 0b0101)

Thanks Jean Abou - somehow my post got sent before I completed it. Besides the ‘^’ symbol, and it’s bitwise XOR operator, there are also uses of the word ‘caret’ to mean something about IDE’s/editors with ‘multiple cursor’ capabilities. For example, I’m using PyCharm (love it!), and I noticed a Tip Of The Day about moving carets. Also see:

Handle Caret and Select Text | JetBrains Rider

It seems to refer to some sort of cursors? I’m asking because maybe if I understood it I could improve my productivity… thanks all, paul

A caret is the proofreading symbol used to show where something is to be inserted into text. Interestingly, the word also has two newer meanings:

  • "the symbol ^ " from the form of – a V, pointing upwards
  • text cursor” from the meaning of – “insert here”

In the PyCharm documentation you linked, “caret” just means “cursor”.

Thanks Petr - as usual, I was overthinking - just a good ole cursor. Sounds like some pretty cool kingfu with these IDE’s that can do multiple cursors - gotta learn about that!