What version of python should I download to my windows 11 laptop?

I have existing python programs that I want to move to my new windows 11 laptop from a backup CD.

There are really only two answers we can give:

  1. Install the latest stable Python version you can.
  2. Or install the same version of Python that you used when you wrote your programs in the first place.

Which do you think would be better for you?


Steven thanks for your reply.

I will install the version I was using on my windows 1o laptop that got fried on 2/25/2323.
I could not recover anything from the hard drive but fortunately, I made a backup CD on 2/15/23 of my critical important files.
The folder python was on I believe PYTHON27.
Does that folder name indicate version 2.7?
Some history:
I purchased "Python Programming, third edition, for the absolute beginner (Michael Dawson) on 8/27/17 and loaded
python from instructions in the manual.
I have programming experience, mostly main frame, but also on pc’s. so I could understand the book and proceed to write programs without outside help. However, now looking back I am not sure that I loaded python in the correct folder hierarchy on my previous laptop, but it worked.
Does python have to be loaded at C:<python??> folder?
If I download the python system to the right folder do I just add only my python programs from my backup CD to that folder and I am ready to go?

I used the following instructions from the book in 2017 to install python.:
“1. Download the Python windows installer from the companion website (www.courseptr.com/download). The file is in the software folder, inside the Python subfolder; the file name is python-3.1.msi
2. Run the python Windows installer, python-3.1.msi. Figure .2 shows the installer in action.
3. Accept the default configuration. Once you’re done you’ll have Python 3.1 on your system”
Should I use these instructions. And then just add my python programs that I have written to the python files?

Steven, I need these programs for my retired golfing groups that I make tee times and keep records and maintain handicaps etc.
I appreciate any guidance that will me back up running python.
Bob Sposili 77 year old retired geezer.

I will able load python 3.9x on my pc and then copy my python programs to python39 folder from the CD and execute my programs. Unfortunately, the file structure on windows 11 differs from windows 10 and my date files restored from my CD previously went to a new folder string.

I ordered 2 windows books that should arrive tuesday and hopefully I can create my original file string and load the data files in there and the programs will run as before. I do not want to change the file names in the programs. I see the light.
Thanks for your help.