What's the meaning of graph: Graph sentence

for below code, I don’t understand the sentence for graph: Graph (the function of : ), anyone can help?
thank you!

> import asyncio
> import configparser
> from msgraph.generated.models.o_data_errors.o_data_error import ODataError
> from graph import Graph
> async def main():
>     print('Python Graph Tutorial\n')
>     # Load settings
>     config = configparser.ConfigParser()
>     config.read(['config.cfg', 'config.dev.cfg'])
>     azure_settings = config['azure']
>     graph: Graph = Graph(azure_settings)
>     await greet_user(graph)
>     ...

It is a type hint. The : Graph is indicating that the variable graph is intended (it doesn’t have to, though) to refer to objects of the type Graph.

Thank you Franklinvp! You saved my day!
I didn’t see this a lot in code, so I fogot this feature in Python.
Really appreciate you response. Thank you! :blush: