What's up with `awaiting core review`?

Looking at https://github.com/python/cpython/labels/awaiting%20core%20review

The median is about half a year :sob:

(the first page is quire reasonable and the last page is a tale of giving up)

How can we do better?
How can I help?

I clicked a few at random to see what’s up–perhaps half the ones I clicked were from core devs who could merge their own work.

Of the rest, what they need is for the core dev who’s responsible for that area to be reminded on the issue to review the PR.

However, what most really need is a core dev to be responsible for that area. I clicked through to a few that have the “right” people in the nosy list on the bug, but they’ve not been active for a while. So we need people who are motivated to own an area to find a mentor (either on the python-dev or core-mentorship lists), explicitly volunteer to take on a module, and then start reviewing some of the backlog. A willing mentor will be able to “review the reviews”, and that’s a great way to build up enough confidence for them to nominate you to become a core dev and do the merges yourself.

So there are ways to help, but they’re not necessarily easy, and not necessarily for everyone. But for anyone who keeps seeing that a module is neglected and they wish it wasn’t, perhaps it’s one that you could help with?