Where are the docs for `bdist_wheel`?

Apologies if this is a silly question, but where is the documentation for bdist_wheel?

I did a search for bdist and bdist_wheel in setuptools 60.3.0 documentation, and only got deprecated Distutils docs.

I also tried python setup.py --help bdist_wheel, and only got terse usage help, and not full documentation.

The bdist_wheel command is provided by GitHub - pypa/wheel: The official binary distribution format for Python

Thanks, I realized that about 10 seconds after asking :laughing:

I looked in https://wheel.readthedocs.io/ but I still don’t see any comprehensive documentation of the bdist_wheel command. I only see documentation for the top-level wheel command. Is there any, other than the --help output?

Not that I know of. It might help if you explained what information you need. (There might not be docs, but someone might be able to tell you).

Its not particularly user-friendly, but you can see all the options in the wheel source code.

Also, FYI, build is the modern, standards-conformant, PyPA-recommended replacement for legacy setup.py invocations, and it includes a cleaner CLI, documentation and built-in help for its commands. The equivalent of python setup.py sdist bdist_wheel is python -m build.

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Also, see Why you shouldn't invoke setup.py directly for why you shouldn’t be using direct setup.py invocations.

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I had no idea about build, thanks. I knew setup.py was deprecated for installation.