Where can i find open source projects?

Hello everyone, this is my first time in the forum and i’m also kinda new to Python, but i’ll be studying hard from today. Are there any open sources projects i could contribute so i could get some experience? Thanks in advance!

There are lots of them! I would recommend looking at what you use in your own projects; most of the tools and libraries you’ll be using - including CPython itself - are open source. Pick something that excites you. Is web dev just the coolest thing ever? Delve into the Flask source code. Ever wondered how the World Wide Web operates? Start leafing through the source code for the requests package. Fascinated by text mode user interfaces? Take a plunge into Python’s own standard library, in the curses package.

Once you’re in there, you’ll get a better appreciation for how it works, which will help you use it better; but along the way, you might also discover something that seems strange, or maybe under-explained in the documentation. That’s often a good starting point for a contribution. Documentation changes can usually be applied fairly easily (you don’t have to worry about whether it breaks on Mac OS, for example), so they’re generally lower-pressure than code changes.

What if you find a typo in the docs? Oh, a simple one-character fix is irrelevant, nobody cares about those, right? Well… actually, yeah, sometimes we can be so familiar with our own writing that we don’t notice the typo. Do double-check with a dictionary though - be sure the fix is valid - but then it’s often an easy Pull Request.

And remember: time spent improving open source projects is great, but time spent improving yourself is also highly valuable. Even if all that happens is you improve your familiarity with the code, that’s not wasted time!

Coding is awesome. It’s phenomenal cosmic power coupled with itty bitty disk space usage. And it’s never a bad thing to have more people doing it.

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Thanks a lot! That’s the exact kind of answer i was looking for. Cheers mate!

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https://pypi.org/ is a main source of open-source python projects. Use the search bar to find those of particular interest. Each project has a page and some have a readme in their repository and either may say something about Contributors being wanted or not.

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