Where should I start as autodidact learner Python, R, GO, IA, ML, DL?

I purchased 7 coruses from Udemy to go deep in python,R and ia.
Could someone help me to say where should i start, the order and what to take last and if i have to return one this courses for a refund by redundant information? please.
I was in a bootcamp of web programming in python and i learned python. I want to re-learn python and go deep in AI, to find a good work in that and get well paid.
Well later i would like to learn GO, any courses that you can recomend?

I can’t post the link so i uploaded a link with a public TXT

Your question is way too general for a useful answer. This forum is for specific Python questions. May sure you know everything in the Python tutorial.

i did a bootcamp months ago in web developement with python, something that was mistake for me i found it that wasn’t interesting, i didn’t finished. A machine learning engineer in python is the best paid job in programming, i need it because i need a good work in the future to pay my studies. So in simple words, in the post there is a link to a note pad with link to udemy with seven of them. So i’m just asking in what order should i take first, what should i take last and if it the case if there one of them with redundant information. Well i would like to do ai,ml and dl, but if for the moment i have to choose something to go i would choose ML.