Where to download Python 3.11 alpha 1

From which website did you download the source code of Python 3.11 alpha 0? :thinking: I was reading Struggling to build Python on Windows 10 but it didn’t say.


A similar URL works for any release (see the 3.11 PEP, etc, for all 3.11, etc, releases, with ‘rc1’, etc, for ‘candidate’ releases.

But why would you want this? The original topic was about a very idiosyncratic problem on a particular clone, that had nothing to do with the particular release.


Or, more likely, you probably want to check it out the repo (or a specific tag like v3.11.0.a1—there is no “Alpha 0”) with git, and proceed from there.

In any case, the first page of the Python Devguide, Getting started → Setup and building, will give you detailed step by step guidance on how to get the source code, install any necessary dependencies, compile and build and troubleshoot the results:

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