Where to find documentation of Data Visualization

Need to know more about Data Visualization, data science, etc.

Hi - I assume you want recommendations about where to start learning? It’s difficult to give those unless you provide more context about what your Python level and background is and what your goals are - plus any recommendations may also be rather subjective.

That said - here goes - with focus on actual coding:

  • For a general intro into visualizations: Plotly Python Graphing Library (work through the main examples)
  • For a general intro into data science HuggingFace: Datasets (work through the tutorials)

If you’re also a Python novice, then those tutorials may be above your head. A better place to start may then be the tutorial(s) on Kaggle, in particular the one about the Titanic (Learn Python, Data Viz, Pandas & More | Tutorials | Kaggle). Kaggle is a really good place to start.

If you want more of an academic course, then there are currently so many good (free) courses and tutorials available that you could probably just pick any one of them. For instance: 7 Visualization | The Analytics Edge | Sloan School of Management | MIT OpenCourseWare

If you want to look at some astoundingly creative visualizations then I recommend this site: https://tulpinteractive.com/ The site also links to an upcoming course – with a focus on creative approaches to visualization (https://creativedataviz.com).

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Really, thanks a lot for your fast respond, this info are so helpful.

Bokeh is another option for web-based visualization (https://docs.bokeh.org) however for general static image outputs, Matplotlib is still the most widely-used tool by far (https://matplotlib.org).