Where to start learning coding? Am I too old?

So uhm… let’s say all I ever coded was a few simple things in AS3 long time ago as a kid and I often modified some scripts in java to make them do a few commands differently and I also played a little bit with php. I found some already made membership website script with db made in mysql db service. So I implemented this on my website and had to change a few things in it to make it work.

So… now what? I decided I am 30 and if I do not learn how to properly code at least something simple this year, I will be basically a retired guy who is just fooling around and can not do anything meaningful.

I am a medical school graduate this year and I developed a couple of software leading a small team of 2 programmers and 1 3d designer + 3-4 other non-technical staff.

It was a great success and it allowed me to finance my med school till the end. Otherwise it would have not been possible for me to go to med school.

So now what? I am finally the last year of my education. I have worked here and there with php as3 html and java. Never learned any of them, I just went in there and made what I need and reserached how to do it. Never spent time to actually LEARN something meaningful there.

So now what? do you think Python would be a good start?

I currently run a much bigger project and I always have to pay developers, ever for such small tasks that I would love to do on my own if I have a weekend free or so.

Just learning Python alone, would it be useful at all? Will it even matter? Is it too late for me to get some technical knowledge? Am I supposed to just shut up and go be a doctor and pay a programmer developed when I need one?

What are your thoughts?

You have come to the right place, Python. This is the most simplest and extensive language you can ever learn, and most importantly beginner friendly.

Its good to hear that you never actually tried to learn but still managed to do the coding. That’s what a programmer mind is. This is my personal opinion: if you wan’t to do personal projects and not crack a multinational company’s interview, just knowing basics is enough. You can always google what you want.

Your question is as vast as python, because there are a lot of fields where you can go with it, so that would depend on what you specifically want to do, after having a hands on python.

There are two types of people. Ones who don’t like video lectures and the others who enjoy them. Those who don’t like videos, read a lot. So you should do what you love.

No one is ever old to learn programming. (Giving new challenges to yourself with programming is far too better that counting your last days sitting in a cranky chair :slight_smile: )

Howdy Noob,

for solving your own little daily tasks or for educational/academical purposes, Python is great.

If you want to sell own applications, consider C# / .Net instead.

Cheers, Dominik