Why anaconda + vscode?

I see many videos showing installing anaconda and vscode together.

These two both integrate many languages, right? Why is a single one not enough? I really do not want to switch between platforms.

VSCode and Anaconda are different things that fill different purposes.

VScode is an integrated development environment (IDE). It can be used to write code in any language. It has many plugins which provide additional functionality, such as syntax highlighting or auto-completion for certain languages.

Python can be installed through the VSCode plugin manager. When installed in that manner, Python integrates automatically with VSCode. It is also possible to install Python separately, in which case it is necessary to manually tell VSCode where to find Python.

Anaconda is a Python distribution. It bundles and integrates Python, a package manager (conda), and optionally several other pieces of supporting software, such as Spyder (a Python-specific IDE), R (a statistics programming language), Jupyter, etc.

To answer your question, it is not necessary to use both. Use can use neither one, either one, or both together, depending on your needs.

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