Why density values are more than 1 (ranges from 0 to 7) in Seaborn KDE plot

Hi everyone,
We are attempting to plot the probability distribution of a single column of data using the seaborn package’s kdeplot function. In the majority of instances, the observed density ranges from 0 to 1. In contrast, the density values in our pdf line plot range from 0 to 7 (y-axis). Is it correct, or should it be multiplied by 100?

Thank you

Please use the Python Help category for asking support questions. The Packaging category is for discussing how Python modules are distributed and installed. Thank you.

We don’t know what your data is or what it represents, or how you are processing or plotting it; so I can’t imagine how we could possibly answer the question.

We apologize for the improper information. We have an array (dd) with a length of 1000. For this, we used a script like
fig, ax= plt.subplots(nrows=1, ncols=2, figsize=(17,8))
sns.kdeplot(data=dd, fill = True, color=‘dimgray’,alpha=.2,linewidth=6, ax=ax[0])

Please find the Google Drive link for the data text file. Note that, we read this data into the array with the name “dd”.

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