Why is Python popular?

Hello Everyone, I am new to this community and I want to know why python is so popular? I am thinking to build a career as a python web developer but I have some confusion regarding to what the average salary of a python developer in India and what skills should be required to become a python developer. Can anyone suggest me?

I think that for any profession it is important to express yourself with clarity.

Your question header is: ‘Why is Python popular’, but in body you ask also following questions: ‘what the average salary of a Python developer in India’; ‘what skills should be required to become a python developer’.

Your post ends with ‘Can anyone suggest me?’ About popularity (as your header suggests), average salary or skills required?

Python Zen stipulates: ‘In the face of ambiguity, refuse the temptation to guess.’

Please remove ambiguity to empower others to answer your question.

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So sorry for the confusion but I am asking that everyone goes with python nowadays, So why is python so popular. I want to know, Is the salary high in python if yes so how can I become a python developer?

I am asking that everyone goes with python nowadays

This one is easy one. What you are asking is nicely covered with answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything. And the answer is 42.

/…/ the answer seems meaningless because the beings who instructed it never knew what the question was

Just an idea: could you be more specific in your questions. Like in programming, decompose one big problem into smaller ones and solve them one at a time.

I have one post which provides the information of skillset, average salary and why is python so popular.

Howdy Shivam,

there (at least…) are three completely different areas of commercial software development:

  1. web development
  2. application development
  3. embedded development

How Python is used also differs from country to country. My answer is based on the experience of being a professional software developer in Germany for some decades.

Concerning 1:
In the area of web development, Python yet almost exclusively is used in the area of Backend (and/or server side) development. This often is connected to Big Data business.

If you want to earn money in this area, good knowledge in Javascript as well as about Web Frameworks etc. is mandatory, if you ask me. Being a mathematician or at least a statistician or alike is helpful to get big data contracts too.

Maybe Pyodide — Version 0.17.0 can change this in the mid / long term.

At the moment, if you want to become a web developer, my recommendation is to start with Html, CSS and Javascript and after that go on with Python.

Concerning 2:
Commercial (standalone) applications with GUIs are seldomly developed using Python. The predominant languages here are Java, C++ and C#.

Those applications either run on mobile platforms alike Android (which is strongly entangled with Java) or on Windows (which is strongly entangled with Microsoft products alike Visual Studio and .NET).

As Java seems to be dying (sloooowly) already, my recommendation, if you want to earn money in this area, is to go with C# and .NET.

Concerning 3:
Embedded software (unfortunately) still is developed mainly with C. In this area, you won’t get rich with high level languages alike Python, C# or alike.

In this area, knowledge in digital electronics is mandatory, if you ask me.

General Advice:
For earning money in Germany, Python unfortunately is not very relevant yet. It is slooooowly getting stronger, but yet, no…

Also be aware, that freelancing on your own in Germany is near to impossible, you just get projects from big companies via personnel service providers alike Hays AG, Gulp Information Services GmbH, DIS AG, Solcom GmbH, top itservices AG and others.

The alternative is an employment at a german company, which won’t be too easy too, being from India… Remote definitely is not accepted very well in Germany! If you introduce the term “fully remote” in a negotiation in Germany, you are out in 98 out of 100…

Good Luck and
Cheers, Dominik

PS: it would be very interesting to hear how it works in US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and alike / and others? Personally I am very interested in France and Switzerland too… :heart_eyes: