Why is the venv missing?

kind of a weird question, but why does one project have the venv part and the other doesn’t. Also, when I enter to check the folders of both projects, the one without venv has signifcantly less files within it.

Also, I sometimes open a regular new project and many, many files open up. This is quite new and I don’t understand why:

Hi !

Just as PyCharm indicates, your project2 contains a venv folder, whereas project3 doesn’t. This folder usually contains a virtual environment, that allows you to install an independent set of Python packages for your current project. Even newly created virtual environments contain more than a thousand files, hence the difference between your two projects.

PyCharm can automatically manage virtual environments, I assume you did check this option for project2 and not for project3. JetBrains provide documentation on how to manage virtual environments with PyCharm, you can find it here.

Hope this helps !