Why is there an extra space in "Download Windows installer (32 -bit)"?

there is an extra and unnecessary space in “Download Windows installer (32 -bit)” link. It is there for all releases. Probably part of some script. Would be nice to fix the script, because it is a very annoying typo.

the issue is available at this link: Python Releases for Windows | Python.org

Thanks for reporting, but could you please actually link the specific webpage where you’re seeing this, so we are able to investigate and direct your report appropriately? Otherwise, we have to guess where you’re seeing this from a small cropped screenshot. I even went to the effort of browsing several potential candidates, but couldn’t find the specific text shown. Thanks.

sorry about that.
the link is here: Python Releases for Windows | Python.org
I also added it to the original post too

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Okay, thanks :+1: . In that case the site is managed by a CMS that only a handful of select people have access to.

Hey @EWDurbin , for a small typo like this, should we open an issue on python/pythondotorg? Or how would you suggest handling these cases? Thanks!

That’s a fine place to track the issue, but this is ultimately in the purview of the Release Managers to fix the tooling. Once that’s done a bulk query to retroactively correct would probably be on me!

Okay, thanks! Looking closely, it seems the current nomenclature was first introduced with Python 3.9.1, but the spacing was correct there; Python 3.10.7 was the first release where the issue is present, and the bug occurs in all releases since (besides security-only, which do not release installers).

So, @pablogsal (or @thomas ), any insight here? Thanks!

Bisecting the Wayback Machine, this started happening some time between the 3rd and 5th April 2023:

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I found the problem, here’s a fix for the release tooling:

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Over to you!

batch query completed to update 39 records where the space existed.