Why is there no `builtins` package in PyPi?

Why does https://pypi.org/project/builtins/ not exist?

The builtins module ships with python and is “built in”,
There is no need for a PyPi package.

What are you trying to do?

Why would you expect it to? What functionality do you think it should implement, and why?

Quicker updates to components, since builtins is a module like any other, right? It’s like an Android OTA system update versus an update from the package manager (F-Droid, Google Play) to a specific package.

builtins is “just a module” (scare quotes mine), but as its name implies, it’s built directly into the interpreter and cannot be updated separately.

Also note that no standard library modules receive updates from PyPI. There are some cases where there is a similarly-named and closely related package on PyPI (importlib-metadataimportlib.metadata comes to mind), but even in those cases the PyPI package is imported differently (e.g., import importlib_metadata as imd vs from importlib import metadata as imd).

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Thanks, @zware. I wish we had the Q&A module on this Discourse instance, because I’d mark yours as the Answer.

There is one case (turtle) where a same-named, unrelated package is on PyPI. Current policy is to forbid those, but this one dates to before the policy was enacted… I’m nominally working on that, but the PEP 517 process seems to be very, very slow.