Why isn't the background colour changing?

I’m coding an app and I have a grid, whenever the mouse hovers on labels in the grid, it should change colour. It is detecting hover because a message does print on terminal on <Enter>/<Leave>. Here’s the code needed:

from tkinter import *

root = Tk()

grid_frame = Frame(root, bg = "#17191c")
ribbon = Frame(root, height = 70, bg = "#0b0b0d")

ribbon.pack(fill = "x", side = "top")
grid_frame.pack(fill = "both", expand = True)

class Grid:

	def __init__(self):

		block = PhotoImage("block.PNG")
		hover = None
		cells = []

		def enter(index):

			global hover
			hover = index

			cells[index].config(bg = "#272a2e")

		def leave(index):

			global hover
			hover = index

			cells[index].config(bg = "#17191c")

		for x in range(0,101):

			cells.append(Label(grid_frame, bg = "#17191c"))

		row = 1
		column = 1

		for x in cells:

			while row <= 10:

				x.grid(row = row, column = column)
				row += 1


				row = 1
				column += 1

			column += 1

		for index, val in enumerate(cells):

			val.bind("<Enter>", lambda event:enter(index))
			val.bind("<Leave>", lambda event:leave(index))

One more thing: I want to fill the whole grid_frame with Labels, for this reason I put that long for loop with a nested while loop. However it only fills the top row, how do I fix that?