Why my code to create a new table is returning a docx table without borders

The code below is creating a word document with a table but that table does not have borders, yet it is my intention to have a table with borders. Can you help so that the code produces a simple table with borders:

from docx import Document
from docx.shared import Pt

def create_blank_table(word_path, rows, cols):
    # Create a new Word document
    doc = Document()

    # Create a table in Word
    table = doc.add_table(rows=rows, cols=cols)
    table.autofit = False  # Disable autofit to allow setting column widths

    # Set column widths
    for i in range(cols):
        table.columns[i].width = Pt(50)  # Adjust the width as needed

    # Iterate through cells and set borders with a different color
    for row in table.rows:
        for cell in row.cells:
            set_cell_borders(cell, color='FF0000')  # Red color

    # Save the Word document

def set_cell_borders(cell, color='000000'):
    # Set cell borders with the specified color
    tc_borders = cell._element.xpath('.//w:tcBorders')

    if tc_borders:
        for border in tc_borders[0]:
            border.attrib['w:val'] = 'single'
            border.attrib['w:sz'] = '4'  # Set border size (adjust as needed)
            border.attrib['w:space'] = '0'
            border.attrib['w:color'] = color

# Example usage:
create_blank_table(word_path, rows=3, cols=3)

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