Will Python apply for Season of Docs and allow suborgs?

Hi! Google announced a new program called “Season of Docs” recently, which aims to connect technical writers with open source projects:


Is Python/the PSF considering applying, and if so, will they accept suborgs?



This sounds like a good idea to me. We will need a volunteer coordinate to register for this activity.

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It seems we would need both org admins and mentors, and so I don’t expect we will due to lack of people availability.

Hi @brettcannon - Should we at-least do a call for a org admin and mentor before assuming they wont be available? I can do a call-far, in the python-dev or python-list? And let’s see if that dies due to lack of interest.

Sure! I’m just commenting based on how we typically can’t find anyone for GSoC and so I personally don’t want to push for a call due to lack of time on my part to push it forward.

Do we have a list of improvements needed? Such projects work best when we have a clear defined goal in mind.

No. AFAIK, we don’t have it. We only have general bug reports on documentation at bugs.python.org
There could be other projects which might have a focused need.

I would love to volunteer on this if needed. I am a core team member of celery project.

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Hi Asif,

Thank you!. Do you have ideas proposal for Celery project? We are 2 at the moment with the interest in this program.

Thank you,

For celery, we are working on its version 5 architectural plan stage. that might be an interesting idea. which mainly deal with distributed python tasks on the cloud.

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Like I had posted on the mailing list.

I would suggest that one possible idea is to work on : A Guided tour to the CPython source code.

There is a full discussion here https://github.com/pyladies/pyladies-maintainers/issues/6 .

If you think this is something we can do, I will be happy to write up a small summary of the discussion on that thread.

I may not be the best person to mentor on this but I can volunteer to help where I can.

There are many resources we can borrow a leaf including that post from Real Python by Anthony and many suggested resources on this link: https://github.com/pyladies/pyladies-maintainers/issues/6 but we can bring all those ideas and create concrete documentation of the Cpython source code.

Something that we can consider moving to python org as a consolidated guide.

What do you think?

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Hi @nanjekyejoannah,

Thank you. That’s a worthy project idea. Let’s keep it as a potential one. I think we can find willing developers to review if this project gets worked upon. A dedicated mentor is still required.

I am not sure if the project was restricted to pyladies repo, or can considered a CPython documentation project. But the intention was to work on it as part of pyladies project.

@Senthil Actually, you are right. This was restricted to the pyladies repository.

I keep thinking this would have an all round benefit to Cpython though.

But am fine keeping it restricted to pyladies as was intended. I will ping relevant people on the discussion on the pyladies repo.