Windows 11 error when running python code .exe file

I am getting a error by windows when trying to run my python code in the form of exe file,
i used pyinstaller, and successfully installed the exe file, but i am getting a error message showing that the exe file is unsupported
on my system
can someone please suggest how do i solve this "error by windows ", as my program was successfully converted to exe
(attaching screenshot below)

(I myself have created this code, so i am the publisher here)
Please Please Help me and Thanks in advance for helping

It’s impossible for anyone to fix the problem, or explain what went wrong, without being told anything about what actually happened. “I tried using pyinstaller and it didn’t work” is nowhere near enough information to work with.

Do you still have the Python code?

Can you run that normally in a CMD window and have it work?

What if you try using a CMD window to start the exe file?

Exactly what steps did you take to set up and use pyinstaller? What version is it, what version of Python, etc. etc.?

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