Wondering if anyone knows anything about Spyder 4.2.5

Something appears to be going on with my Python 3.8, Spyder 4.2.5 application. Upon running code, the editor freezes mid program. When I click the stop button to end the program, it ends but I cannot click play on any files after that? This is a recent thing, just started happening today as Spyder has worked fine for me for about a year. I’m unsure if an update has installed upon Start up of the app but I believe it may simply be that it has updated and is having an issue. Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated.

I have closed all instances and processes of the app in task manager. Restarted/Updated my OS/PC after this issue with spyder started. Everything else seems to be working fine on the pc

Also, when stopping the program after the freeze the editor doesn’t even show any Traces such as stopped Line XXX by user input. Which it usually should.

Hey, please avoid making duplicate threads about the same problem. I answered you over on your other post: