Work towards next pipenv release

This month @techalchemy has been working towards the next pipenv release (the first since November 2018). He just posted about it on distutils-sig (cross-posted to pypa-dev) with details and ways you can help.

There’s a tracking issue in case you want to subscribe or suggest anything else that needs to be added.

After the Pipenv maintainers publish a pre-release, some manual testing from users will help them feel confident about pushing the canonical release. I suggest: you can help develop a “Pipenv workflows to test” list, along these lines.

And @techalchemy has started a Pipenv release process instruction guide – if there are steps that should be in there and are not, please comment here or add some bullet points in that document.

Also, please consider retweeting this tweet about the current status and how people can help.

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From IRC in the past few days:

windows failures dont appear in azure test results
the builds fail but nothing indicates what went wrong why doesn’t windows report its failures :expressionless:
it fails but reports nothing

@techalchemy has tried runing a subset of the tests in the CI and that didn’t help. Azure and Windows testing experts: please help.

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You may have seen Dan’s announcement of the pipenv beta; he’s now planning to release tomorrow (Monday).

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Pipenv 2020.5.28 is now out and this roadmap and contribution process issue is where folks will talk about improving the cadence in the future.