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I’d like to give a talk about our workflow in a local (Israeli) Python meetup. Are there recent talks on the subject that I could base mine on, or other relevant materials that you would recommend?

I’m not aware of any talks that were done specifically on our workflow, but there’s a more recently added GitHub PR label section for the devguide that might be a useful resource. From my experience, PR labels are one of the more commonly misunderstood parts of the workflow, but can prove to be incredibly useful for categorizing PRs.

They can only be added by triagers and core devs, but it can still be highly useful for other contributors to to understand how they work for finding relevant PRs. For example, if a particular contributor wants to help with the review process and is specifically interested in helping with documentation-related PRs, they can search for all open PRs with the type-documentation label.

Also, if they want to help with the general review process, it is often times useful to search for the awaiting review label, which means that the PR has not received an approval or has had changes requested by any reviewer. If a reviewer leaves anything other than a “comment” review, the label will change to awaiting core review.

Additionally, I think it would be a great idea to show where the experts index is located and how to use it. I’m currently working on the process of adding GitHub usernames to the list in addition to the bpo usernames, but in the meantime contributors can refer to the committer list on bpo to find the github username for an expert if it’s not the same as their bpo username.

This helps them become aware of who to reach out to if their PR is not receiving core developer attention. It might be also useful to mention the steps contributors can take to bring attention to their PR. The devguide mentions this, but many contributors (especially newer ones) are unaware that they can open a new thread in python-dev to request core review if it’s been over a month.

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Hi Tal,

General workflow for Python projects:

Victor’s doc on contibuting:

An older talk that I did in PyCon US 2015 may give you some inspiration: slidedeck and a Sphinx doc

Good luck.


Thanks for the suggestions and references, @aeros and @willingc :+1:

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I’ve given several talks related to CPython’s workflow:

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@Mariatta, that’s wonderfully useful, many thanks!!

The video is up for my recent talk about this. The talk was given in Hebrew but the slides are in English. Links:


Both links seem to point to the video :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Found the slides link on Meetup:

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Thanks @uranusjr!

I’ve replaced the link in my post, too.

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