Worldwide PSF presence

Hello, all!

PSF is an US non-profit corporation at the moment.

However, Python is used worldwide. The latest Python Developers Survey involved developers from 150 countries.

BTW, it would be helpful to see country demographics in the results of the survey.

It looks like, Python would benefit a lot if PSF has an official presence in more countries around the world and assemble its Board from more geographically diverse candidates.


“Official” how?

Conversations within the PSF and publicly were started immediately after the last election due to the lack of diverse representation.

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For example:

“Official” how?

There are ways to create branches and subsidiaries worldwide. I’m not an expert but there are a number of well-known international non-profits out there. So, I assume it is actually possible.

A lot of those non-profits are still headquartered in a single countries with offices around the world. The PSF is no where near having the funding to build up the staff to support such an endeavour.

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Nice foundation where you will get the PSF is a Python Software Foundation manage the open source licensing for Python version 2.1 and later on protect the trademarks associated with Python. North American Python Conference run by PSF annually and support other conferences around the world.