Would you like anything from Concurnas?


I was wondering if you’d be interested in seeing any of the features of Concurnas: https://concurnas.com/ (syntax, semantics, functionality?) added to Python?

Some background… I am Jason - the developer behind the Concurnas programming language. I’m interested in languages in general and I would be interested in working on core OSS Python development. I didn’t find much adoption of Concurnas when I launched it a few years ago, but I think it has some cool features which other popular languages might benefit from so I’d be interested in porting these over to Python. I could do with some input on what people would like to see (if anything?).



I think you have to clarify your expectations.

The bar for adding features to Python is very high. It doesn’t go like “hi, I have this idea → oh cool, let’s implement it”, but “hi, I have this idea → you need to demonstrate it on real-world examples and argue its benefits → if there is strong support (which there most often isn’t), write a PEP → lengthy discussion on the PEP → after months (or years), PEP may or may not be accepted → submit implementation if accepted”.


What features/syntax in particular? What is hard in Python that is easier in your language? I think perhaps you should start there.

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Understood, that’s why at this point I’m looking for external guidance on what people would like to see rather than what I think they would want to see…

New contributors are needed. I suggest that you look at current efforts to add features similar to what you worked on in Concurnas. There are 2 long-term projects to improve concurrent execution. One is subinterpreters. The other is gil removal (‘nogil’). The existing multiprocessing module has several existing issues, probably all of bug fixes, doc improvements, and feature additions. IMO, reviewing existing PRs is the best way to ease into making substantial contributions.