Wrong code color

Hello, i have the problem that the color of the code i type is wrong and hard to read.
I have fresh installed the newest version of python, pycharm and pygame and useing the “Dracula” Scheme.

it looks like this:

but it sould look like this:

as you see the secound is much better to read, for me as beginner it would be very importent to have it that way.

could someone please help me ?

Change the scheme to whatever scheme is being used in the second

(Personally I find both of those schemes are awful.)

thanks for the response, but its not the Scheme, changeing the Scheme changes all colors, but its stays the same that for example “while” and “True” have the same color instead of different ones

already tried to change that

Then use a different scheme where True and while have different colours.
Or create a new scheme and manually edit it to suit your needs,
following the instructions in the link I sent you.

If that’s not sufficient, try this:


The colours used by PyCharm have nothing to do with Python. It is 100% a
PyCharm question. Python is a programming language, it knows absolutely
nothing about colour schemes. You can edit Python code in Windows
Notepad where the only scheme is “black text on white background”.

If PyCharm doesn’t allow you to modify the scheme to your liking, try a
different editor or IDE. There are many:

and many others that aren’t listed there.

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Which ones do you like instead?