`yield from` in async functions

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I’ve searched a bit I and don’t really understand why yield from isn’t supported in async functions. All arguments I’ve seen seem to be about using it for yielding from other async generators, which seems hard to do.

This to me feels odd. I would expect yield from to work on normal non async generators and iterables without any issues. And once someone figures out how to allow “piping” an async generator, to use async yield from ... just like we have async for ... in ...

This is discussed here in the PEP that introduced async generators: PEP 525 – Asynchronous Generators | peps.python.org. In short, it is difficult to implement (yield from isn’t just sugar for yielding several times), and because yield from was historically often used to implement a form of coroutines, it was judged to be less useful in async functions.

I’ve personally also missed yield from in async generators, though. If the implementation turns out to be feasible, I’d support adding it.

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The way it’s worded, it feels to me that they only considered yielding from an async generator, and not regular generators. Or am I misreading it?

Sorry, I missed that in your original post. Piping from a normal generator would probably still be complicated (async generators, generators, and coroutines all are built on some fairly intricate machinery), and it doesn’t seem as useful: if I write a generator that yields data from a synchronous iterator, I don’t have much reason to make the generator async.

Well, I always prefer yield from EXPR instead of for i in EXPR: yield i. I know they aren’t equivalent, and yield from can do much more.

Currently I have a thing where I’m currently alternating a blocking call with some calculations where I use yield from ... as a shorthand for for i in ...: yield i. I wanted to make the blocking call an async one but that ended up giving a syntax error once I made the generator async. Which then led me down a rabbithole that ended with my question above :stuck_out_tongue:

As I’m typing this I do realize that the caller of this function itself is also using yield from in the same way to append a few extra things at the end of the iterator. It seems I wouldn’t just need yield from but also an async yield from.

Looking through the PEP’s, I don’t see why a straight copy of yield from formal semantics wouldn’t be correct (for non async generators).

Isn’t there a problem where, if you “yield from” within an async function, you lose the ability to communicate with coroutines of said function, since those are generators under the hood?