Your feedback required: Python Packaging User Survey

Hi everyone!

I’ve been working with Shamika to put together a survey for packaging users. The objective of the survey is to understand the state of Python packaging from the user’s perspective, inform the long term vision of Python packaging, and identify strategies that should be adopted by the Packaging community.

The survey (including introduction and questions) can be found here:

We’d prefer comments directly on the document, but if this is not possible, please feel free to leave your feedback on this thread instead.

For context, we hope to launch the survey next week.

Looking forward to your feedback!


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Hi all!

Thank you to everyone who has left comments on the document. Your feedback has been really insightful.

I’ve now made changes to the draft to address feedback and plan to move the content into a survey tool next week.

If anyone would like to make a final review, or leave any final comments, please do so before EOD Wednesday 24th August.

Again, thanks for your feedback.


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