Your opinon wanted: please complete our survey on Python Packaging!

Hi all!

After much work and fantastic feedback from folks on this forum, we have published our survey to collect community feedback on Python Packaging.

We’d love for you to submit your answers here:

Looking forward to your answers!


Just want to point out that the Country choices don’t include Taiwan. Not even Taiwan, Province of China (not that I’d be happy if it’s in there), but nothing at all. Thanksfully I could leave the choice blank :slightly_smiling_face:

Not sure if this is a SurveyMonkey thing or if the PSF could do anything about it.


Hi @uranusjr - thanks for flagging this.

The country list was generated by Survey Monkey, but I can edit it - so I’ve added Taiwan to the list.

I’ve also added an “other” field in case any other countries are missing.

Thanks again!


To all the contributors seeing this post, please attempt the survey as a user. We will be doing a deep-dive into more technical discussions in due course.

To anyone seeing this post- if you are on Twitter, please RT-

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Hi @nlhkabu, I was wondering if this survey was concluded and if the results were made public…

It would be very interesting to have a look on the results…


Hi @abravalheri - yes @smm has done an analysis and shared results here: