YouTube videos giving examples of what Python can do?

Hey, everybody. I’ve been learning Python from a book and knew that it can do a lot of things before using it, but I still would like to see a video(s) that actually explain what it does with examples. It can be a short video, such as Fireship’s, but I’d like to see examples outside of just syntax for the program (for example a website). I know it can build websites, store data, etc., but it’s still vague. With HTML/CSS, you can see what you can do with it pretty fast.

You are asking a pretty big question.
Since Python is a general purpose programming language (comparing to domain specific language), You can do everything a software can do.

Since software is every where nowdays. You can pick your own interesting area to learn.

That’s a great question - there are lots of “learn to code” videos out there but it would be really cool to have a series of “What can I do with code” videos. I’m sure they must exist somewhere but a quick search around my favorite Python tutors yielded no good results - everything I could find assumed you were already motivated to learn.

“Automate the boring stuff with Python” is a pretty good take on this for the work / studies automation side, but I know it more in text / book format rather than video

hi, if you are after some python tutorial content, I recommend checking out the tutorial series I have started creating, this series is aimed at beginners and should hopefully teach you a thing or two about python and how it can be used to create some interesting applications:
Tutorial 1
Tutorial 2