(Beginner) Help with concatenating arrays

Hello, I’m currently trying to follow a machine learning pipeline described by a paper. Essentially, I need to create an input matrix which is shaped N x KSDT sized. The paper describes this as: “Here k, ks, kd, and ksd are labels and not indices, and all terms are understood to be matrices of the same N x KSQT size, so e.g. Xk is not an N x K sized matrix, but the full-size N x KSQT matrix with N x k unique values replicated KSQ times”.

Right now, I have three following np.arrays:
bias_block: (348, 2, 151), bias_contrast: (348, 5, 151), and bias_decision: (348, 2, 151).
My understanding is that in order to combine these three arrays, I would need a final size of (348, 20, 20, 20, 151). However, I’m really struggling on how to combine these arrays. Could someone please help with this, thanks a lot.

What’s the paper?
Does it not come with a reference to code or otherwise a clear description of the model architecture?
(Have you checked whether it may be available on https://paperswithcode.com?)

Are you able to reformulate your question as a question about Python arrays for a particular Python library (torch/tensorflow/numpy/something else)? Also, have you worked through the relevant torch or tensorflow tutorials that usually start with explaning this kind of thing when model architectures are first introduced?