RSS subscription broken by post content

The subscription results in invalid content that my reader (Thunderbird) will not load. It fails validation at W3C:

Since that check fails, I assume I’m not the only one affected.

The problem seems to be an unexpected character in the post (Beginner) Help with concatenating arrays. In the feed, the offending sub-string comes out as b'N \x02x KSQT' (two occurrences).

It’s not that user’s fault, of course, but Discourse’s for letting it through, and the long-term fix lies with them. However, a short-term fix is to edit out the invisible characters.

Would some kind admin follow up please? And move this to where I should have posted if it’s in the wrong place.

Please report this upstream to Discourse under their bug category, if it’s not already reported there:

Willing to test subscription again if a kind admin can try the short-term fix.

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Discourse have a PR addressing this accepted bug now.

Also, the problem post has aged off the digest that comes with subscription, so it stopped being broken. (I didn’t know that would happen so soon.)