Boolean operation in string containing numbers

I have a string in a file . The string looks like,

and so on.

I am reading the string and split them .
In 00:00:08 the first 00 is hour , 2nd 00 is minute and third 08 is seconds.
I need to have the total seconds . I am trying to get 003600 + 0060+08 = 08 seconds.
But this operation is not possible. When I am multiplyting the numbers it is just iterates 3600 times.

How do I can solve this ?

Thank you

You need to convert the string into an integer that you can do arithmetic on.

hour = int(‘07’)

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My guess is that you’re coding like this (for example, with the minutes to seconds):
int(m * 60)

… when you should be coding like this:

int(m) * 60