Buttons on the QMainWindow are overlapped!

Dear Python Team,

Buttons are created in the QMainWindow overlapped on each other and some of the buttons’ edges are also truncated.
May I know how to resolve this? I have created enough space on the QMainWindow.

I want these buttons not to be overlapped instead, they should be detached. Any suggestion?

You are likely to get more timely help from the PyQt mailing list.
I think I suggested that to you before: PyQt Info Page

How are you constructing the GUI? If use a D&D app, such as Qt Designer, this kind of issue should not occur.

Using PyQt5

Yes, I get that; that’s the Framework. But what about a Designer? Like I say, if you use a Drag & Drop GUI Designer App, such as Qt Designer, you can short cut a lot of work and side step issues such as the one that you have.

To add: have a read of this, if you don’t know what I’m driving at

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Yeah, I got your question too.

Using Python code trying to create a widget not through the GUI designer App.

However, I have found the solution to do that now.
by using

QPushButton {
margin-right: 4px;

Thanks a lot, Rob for your support.


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