C API Working Group vacancy

This is a call for volunteers to serve on the C API Working Group. The WG’s charter was established by PEP 731. Our founding member Irit Katriel has indicated she’d like to resign her WG membership. We thank Irit for her contributions to the WG’s work, in particular as editor of PEP 733 (“An Evaluation of Python’s Public C API”).

According to the PEP, we (the remaining WG members) are calling for nominations from the core developer community (a term I propose to interpret in the widest sense possible).

We will then decide on Irit’s replacement based upon the available nominations. Self-nominations are all right. You can nominate by replying to this message or via email to any of the remaining WG members. I propose that we allow a week to collect nominations (similar to the length of time new-core-dev votes are open, to give people time to respond).


A big thanks to Irit for all her good work with the PEP and the C API WG!

I’m nominating myself; I’ve reviewed many C API additions, I am a co-maintainer of the pythoncapi-compat project, and I have a strong passion for well-designed APIs. I’ve been following the C API WG closely and I would be glad to take Irit’s place.


I usually hate to participate in various committees, but since I am an active user of the C API and have some experience in the C API development, and participate in some C API discussions in any way, you might consider my candidacy.


The remaining WG members have deliberated, and we’ve selected Erlend. Erlend, welcome to the C API WG! We’ll contact you privately with the gory details. Serhiy: you are a strong candidate, and if we have another vacancy you are our number one pick. (And I say that without irony.)


Agree about Erlend. I nominated myself when there were no other comments. I just took a long time to write my comment. I probably wouldn’t have nominated myself if I seen other nominations.