Can I post tips here?

It was very difficult to find accurate documentation on what the max size of the key and value is for a shelve dict item (persistent storage). So I wrote a program to test that. An error means the size has been exceeded. I can make a new post and explain it there, with links and test program.

Is it ok to post that program with the findings, on this forum? I don’t see a forum area for “Tips” nor a tag for “tips”.

This is the “users” section; you are to my understanding perfectly welcome to post guides, tutorials etc.

It might be a good idea to prefix the subject line with “Tip:” or
“Tutorial:” etc to clarify what kind of post it is.

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I moved this thread to Discourse Feedback because that is usually where we have questions of the type “What is the correct category to post X?”, but yes I agree that your actual tip thread should be posted in Python Help. I do not know of any other more precise category nor tag. I guess we do not have enough of those threads to warrant the existence of dedicated category or tag.

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